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“Adidas” Store

"Adidas" Store

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Fitness Club "FitnessDoza"

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Market "Fidesco"

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Advantages of LED technology


Low power consumption

LED bulbs consume up to 50% less power to fluorescent bulbs and up to 80% less power compared to incandescent bulbs.

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Long life

The lifetime of LEDs substantially exceeds that of incandescent lighting sources or fluorescent. In addition, LED lighting sources are more resistant to variations in temperature, vibrations and mechanical shocks.


Long-term investments

First of all, investing in LED lightings is a quickly recoverable investment which is recovered in one year latest. Withal, long LED lifetime will exempt you from charges and costs for maintenance and support.


Qualitative light

LED bulbs produce a much stronger light and is closer to the ideal concept of white light. LED bulbs can reach over 150 lm/W, unlike the incandescent, which can offer only by 15 lm/W.